'Hobbyists' post up a storm after arrests go public

LAWRENCEVILLE - When he announced the arrests of two alleged prostitutes Wednesday, Gwinnett District Attorney Danny Porter predicted the discussion boards on the Web site the duo is linked to would be buzzing.

"I'll be interested to look at (The Erotic Review) discussion boards tomorrow," Porter said Wednesday.

It didn't take long for posters on the Web site to log in regarding their thoughts on the arrests of Lisa Taylor, aka Melissa Wolf and "Naughty Nikki," Nicole Probert.

Taylor, 42, and Probert, 30, were arrested and charged with violating the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act, prostitution, keeping a house of prostitution and conspiracy to possess cocaine. Critiques of the two's alleged work as high-priced call girls - their fees, Porter said, range from $1,000 to $10,000 - can be found in the review section of the Web site devoted to advertising by call girls or "providers" and reviews posted by customers or, as they call themselves on the site, "hobbyists."

Porter said he expects additional charges to be filed against Taylor and Probert as well as arrests of other alleged providers and hobbyists.

The Gwinnett Daily Post broke the story in its Thursday edition. The following is a sampling of the posts that could be found on the site's Atlanta discussion boards as early as 4:30 a.m. Thursday.

•Re:M. Wolf prostitution bust

Posted by news_flash

Just an FYI, they searched their homes/office. They have client records. Remember loose lips sink ships..... Unfortunately this is not over.

•Re: Just wondering... How safe are our aliases?

Posted by Biggie_1

As long as you change your IP address everytime you log on and did not use a credit card to join you should be fine. If you've used a credit card then forget it, no site is safe to use a credit card on and tracking by IP address has become so easy now even a kid can do it.

I doubt it will go that far. But I do feel bad for anyone who was a client of Melissa's. I'm sure she kept records and they will be using any records they find, you can count on that.

•Those ladies should have known better.....

Posted by newbie1972

.......than to operate out of their home in the Sugarloaf Country Club community. All that incall traffic was bound to attract the attention of some nosey housewives in the neighborhood.

•RICO Statute, huh?

Posted by dine_at_the_y

RICO charges can really cripple someone. It's one of the most threatening laws out there. MW and NN could be in it pretty deep over this one.