Suwanee chief recognizes Korean-American contributions

SUWANEE - Suwanee Police Chief Mike Jones recognized members of the Korean-American community patrol Tuesday night for their civic contribution.

Won S. Lee, also known as "Chief," runs an entirely volunteer community patrol. These residents help Suwanee officers keep an eye on predominantly Korean-American areas such as the Assi Plaza. These volunteers also assist police officers by translating and teaching officers about Korean culture.

"These citizens are stepping up and building bridges between the Korean-American community and the Police Department," Jones said.

Sue Chae, Lee's daughter, also received a plaque in recognition of her efforts in assisting police. Chae provides translating assistance and coordinates volunteer efforts.

Krotz, Touchstone Homes recognized for

community service

Ted Krotz, a Suwanee businessman who served as president of the Suwanee Business Alliance for three years, was honored Tuesday for his service to the city.

Mayor Nick Masino said Krotz served longer than any other president of the alliance. "He took this organization to the next level."

The official proclamation issued by Masino set aside Thursday as "Ted Krotz Day" in the city.

Touchstone Homes president Brian Cohen was also presented with a proclamation for his company's contribution to the architectural design standards seen throughout Suwanee. Cohen and Touchstone Homes also donated the Martin Farm area of the Suwanee Creek Greenway, a gesture Masino said was crucial to the success of that project.

DDA members reappointed

All 5 members of Suwanee's Downtown Development Authority were reappointed for another four-year term. Councilman Jimmy Burnette, James Davenport, Beau Fields, Jon Highfield and Kevin O'Brien have all agreed to stay on for an additional term on the DDA.

Christy Howard and Bob Hogberg were appointed to the Open Space Citizen Advisory Committee on Tuesday night.

Sims Lake Park project under way

The city's newest park is a step closer to becoming a reality, with Masino signing an agreement with Cerulea Inc. for their professional design services. The park will be located at 4600 Suwanee Dam Road.

The design, which will probably take about six months, will include walking trails, pavilions, open play fields, restrooms, parking and irrigation. $2.5 million has been allocated from the city's voter-approved open space bond funds for this first phase of the park.

Cerulea, along with a committee of 27 residents and city officials, created the master plan for the future 62-acre park.