Senate approves Lake Lanier measure

ATLANTA - Both General Assembly chambers now have weighed in on the proper depth of Lake Lanier.

The Senate unanimously passed a resolution on Tuesday asking Congress and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to study the costs and effects of raising the lake from 1,071 feet above sea level to 1,073 feet.

The Lake Lanier Association, a group of lakefront property owners, is behind the proposal.

In a recent letter to the Army Corps, association officials said raising the lake's level at full pool would be a faster, less expensive way to provide additional drinking water for the rapidly growing metro-Atlanta region than building more reservoirs.

The House passed a similar resolution last week, also unanimously.

The difference between the two versions is that the House resolution calls for a study of raising the levels at all of Georgia's federally managed lakes, which lie along the Chattahoochee and Savannah rivers.