Boy charged in shooting death of man

NORCROSS - A 14-year-old teen has been charged with felony involuntary manslaughter in connection to the shooting death of a 19-year-old man who died as a result of his wounds Monday.

Cpl. Darren Moloney, Gwinnett County Police Department spokesman, said the teen, whose name is not being released because he is being tried as a juvenile, allegedly shot Omar Herrera of Norcross on Thursday at the Woodchase apartments at 5825 Brook Hollow Parkway.

Moloney said Herrera was shot in the head around 8:30 p.m. and officers found him laying in the breezeway of building No. 12.

He said Herrera was rushed to Gwinnett Medical Center where he remained in critical condition until he died Monday.

Moloney said investigators believe the teen involved was playing with the gun when he allegedly shot Herrera.

"This was a preventable accident," Moloney said. "There was no reason for this 14-year-old to have a gun."

Moloney said investigators believe the 14-year-old also lives in the Norcross complex, but was unsure if the two were friends.

He said he did not know how the teen got the gun or if the weapon belonged to the boy's parents, but he said the shooting did not involve a robbery or any type of planned assault.

Moloney added investigations indicate the shooting was an accident.

"This was an unlawful act," he said. "And (the 14-year-old) should not have been using a firearm."

He said the teen is charged with misdemeanor carrying a concealed weapon, misdemeanor possession of a pistol by a minor and felony involuntary manslaughter. The boy remains at the Gwinnett County Regional Youth Detention Center.

Moloney said there were witnesses and others present at the time of the shooting, but the teen was the only one believed to be in possession of a firearm at the time of the incident.