Letters to the Editor

Decision makers ignore wishes of people with overdevelopment

I see the Gwinnett County commissioners and their developer buddies are up to their "we don't give a hoot about the residents of Gwinnett County" ways once again.

I guess total gridlock from rampant overdevelopment of the Sugarloaf area isn't enough for them. Now they want to add even more traffic woes to the already jammed area by adding a hotel and other needless "improvements" around the Gwinnett Center.

Maybe those who profit from this senseless destruction of the area should try doing like those of us who pay their salaries do every day - attempt to drive to work every morning without getting stuck in miles of stop-and-go traffic as we inch our way to our jobs.

We already have a couple of hotels near the center - the Hilton for one, which is right across the street. There's no need for more.

Is it a crime in Gwinnett to leave any inch of land undeveloped? Obviously, to the decision makers who don't seem to give a darn what any of the residents think or want, it is.

Gwinnett County used to be a nice place to live. Not anymore.

- Kelly Stone


Traffic in Mall of Georgia area becoming utterly ridiculous

I have been a property owner and resident of a neighborhood near Ga. Highway 20 and Rocksprings Road for eight years. My family and I have watched as the Mall of Georgia was built and have enjoyed the many new restaurants and retail stores in the area.

Please note I am not opposed to new development. However, with the commission's approval of The Villages at Ivy Creek, I feel compelled to ask the following questions:

At what point do we say no to new development?

When do we play catchup in respect to the county infrastructure?

I attend church in downtown Buford and find myself making the trip past the mall several times a week. The traffic - to use the vernacular - "stinks" and is getting worse all the time.

Case in point: On a recent Saturday it took me 50 minutes to travel from my house to the church - this is now the norm. Fifty minutes to travel six miles without any accidents is just wrong.

- Steve Jett


Pay raises not on agenda when commissioners campaigned

I'm sure most voters are madder than Donald Trump is at Rosie O'Donnell about Gwinnett commissioners voting themselves a hefty pay raise ("Commission pay raise gets cold shoulder," Jan 27, Page 1A). Salary wasn't an issue when they were clamoring for votes, but now that they're elected they need mo' money?

I wonder what "The Donald" would say to a request for a 100 percent salary increase. How about, "You're fired!" A commissioner's pay may not be all that much, but I'd venture to say that most leave office with more money than they came in with.

- Deryl Duncan

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