Local representative adds to school debate

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Rep. David Casas, R-Lilburn, has introduced a House counterpart to a Senate bill that would let students with disabilities use taxpayer-funded scholarships to attend private school.

Under the legislation, parents who are not satisfied with their child's public school could move the student either to a private school or to another public school.

Those opting for private school could receive scholarships to help defray the cost.

Supporters say the bill would give parents of disabled children another option that is only available now to families who can afford private schools.

Opponents say it would take money away from public schools and could lead to a broader use of private-school vouchers.

Casas' bill sets more requirements for schools to take part in the scholarship program than the other version of the legislation, which passed the Senate on Wednesday.

Under the House bill, participating schools would have to be at least 3 years old and accredited by an approved agency.

Also, teachers would have to have at least a bachelor's degree.

Garraway gets trained,

hears from citizens

Snellville's council is turning to the people to decide the future of the city.

On Tuesday, the council will hold its third visioning workshop as part of the process of writing a 2030 Comprehensive Plan, to detail land use and public facilities for the future.

This week, 180 people came out to a city workshop.

"So many times government is handled from government down," Councilman Bruce Garraway said. "We need to move in a direction that is from the people up."

The workshop will be held at 6:30 p.m. at the Snellville City Hall. For more information, view the project Web site at www.jjg.com/snellvilleplan.

Garraway was given a prestigious Certificate of Recognition from the Georgia Municipal Training Institute and the Municpal Leadership Training certification at the Georgia Municipal Association's annual Mayor's Day Conference earlier this month.

"Through this education, I can be more valuable in my elected role, as I serve the constituents," the councilman said.

Staff Writer Dave Williams contributed to this report.

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