To the editor: Don't trash our drinking water

Georgians should stop considering Lake Lanier a garbage dumb and septic tank. The recent drought has exposed tons of debris that people have thrown into the lake.

Now Gwinnett County wants to pour its sewer water into Lake Lanier. People, we have to drink this water, cook with it and bathe in it.

Water experts have warned even before the drought that the lake water could become so polluted that it may no longer be fit to drink. How will pouring Gwinnett's waste water into the lake help the water quality?

Let me propose a better idea. Build a pipe so waste water enters the Chattahoochee River just below the Buford Dam. The Corps of Engineers could then reduce the amount of water they release from the lake by the amount of water from the pipe. This way we would not have to drink our own waste.

- Marty Zierold