City looking for artsy volunteers
Auburn program needs water-conscious helpers

AUBURN - Crafty artisans of all skill levels are needed in Auburn.

The city is seeking anyone who can wield a stencil and brush to take part in its 2007 Storm Drain Stencil Program. (Think of those small, circular patterns you've seen near curbs and sidewalks.)

The stencils, either painted or glued to the city's storm drains, will read: "No Dumping! Drains to Waterways."

Spearheaded this year by David Hawthorne, the city's director of public works, the program calls for a wide range of volunteers. More specifically, boy and girl scouts, sports teams, homeowners associations, as well as clubs and church groups are encouraged to help.

The only stipulation: Volunteers must be at least 9 years old.

"We are actively seeking people to get involved in this on a voluntary basis," said Hawthorne. "Stormwater is not something that we can ignore any longer. It feeds the streams that feed the rivers that feed the lakes that we drink out of."

Officials stress that stormwater is easily polluted by the careless disposal of harmful materials like antifreeze, trash, motor oil, animal waste, paint and chemicals.

Leaders believe the Storm Drain Stencil Program will require several years to cover all drains in neighborhoods and business districts around Auburn.

The program needs all the help it can get. But artistic experience isn't necessarily required.

The city has compiled a packet that informs volunteers how to get started - i.e., how to stencil, how to be safe, and all legal requirements volunteers must adhere to.

"We've got to start taking care of (water) at the source," said Hawthorne.

For more information on volunteering, call Iris Slaton with the city of Auburn at 770-963-4002, ext. 207.