Loganville council planning to amend sign ordinance

LOGANVILLE - City attorney Robyn Webb presented an amendment to the Loganville sign ordinance at Thursday's city council meeting.

The proposed change would allow legally nonconforming signs to be relocated in the event of a Department of Transportation project requirement.

For example, if a billboard located within the city limits should have to be moved because of road construction, the owner of that sign would legally be allowed to move or, if structural safety is a concern, rebuild on the same parcel of land. A billboard is a nonconforming sign under the city's current ordinance, but one existing before the ordinance was enacted is a legal nonconforming sign.

The current ordinance does not allow for relocation or reconstruction of a legally conforming sign. Neither the current ordinance nor the proposed amendment allows for reconstruction of a nonconforming sign damaged or destroyed by "an act of God."

Councilman Mark Kiddoo asked that action on the proposed amendment be postponed until the January council meeting so that he and the council could review the details. Action will be taken at the Jan. 10 council meeting.

Gaither Park questions

Residents of the Village Place community will meet with city officials at 7 p.m. on Jan. 14 to voice their concerns about the revitalization of Gaither Park.

According to Parks and Greenspace committee chair councilman Austin Jones, neighboring residents have expressed concern about crime, traffic and noise resulting from the park renovation.

The meeting will be held at the Village Place clubhouse. Jones and other councilmen will be on hand to address neighbors' questions.

Alcohol ordinance

put on ice

According to Public Safety chairman, councilman Jerry Price, 12 points were made during a Dec. 12 meeting about a proposed Alcoholic Beverage ordinance.

Price asked Thursday that action on the proposed ordinance be tabled for no more than 60 days in order to give the committee ample time to address the 12 points.

Loganville residents voted last month to allow the sale of liquor by the drink.