Sugar Hill passes $24M 2008 budget

SUGAR HILL - Sugar Hill will operate on a balanced $24.2 million budget in 2008, a $900,000 increase over the 2007 budget.

A $12 million general fund will pay for administrative personnel, street improvements, sidewalk construction, eight new vehicles and an average 4 percent salary increase for city workers.

"We are pulling $5 million to $6 million out of our money market fund to balance the budget and pay for capital improvements," said Bob Hail, city manager. "It enables us to pay cash."

Sugar Hill's largest revenue sources come from the 1-cent sales tax ($2 million) and property taxes ($1.7 million).

It's lowest source of revenue is Dumpster fees at $4,000 annually.

The city will spend the most money on natural gas ($8 million) and renewal and replacement of pipelines ($250,000). It's lowest expenditure is employee drug testing at $500.

Sugar Hill remains debt free with $15 million in reserves.