Rosters announced for Gwinnett All-Star game

While serving as the emcee of Monday night's Touchdown Club of Gwinnett banquet, Dave Hunter gave hints at the roster for the upcoming Rivalries of Gwinnett All-Star Game.

The retired Brookwood coach, who along with former Central Gwinnett coach Tally Johnson will serve as the head coaches in the inaugural game, made special mention of Berkmar quarterback T.J. Smith to the audience of close to 500 people.

"He's my quarterback," Hunter said of Smith. He also bragged of others on his team, including the Grayson trio of Randy Sides, Quanterius Smith and Rammell Lewis.

Hunter made the remainder of the roster public on Tuesday, releasing the initial list of players for the Dec. 21 football game, which will be played at Brookwood High School. It features the county's top high school seniors who aren't playing in the Georgia Athletic Coaches Association's North-South All-Star Game.

The two teams are split by rivalries - for example, Brookwood and Parkview players are on different squads, as are others like Grayson-South Gwinnett and Dacula-Mill Creek. The two teams, the Hunter Team and the Johnson Team, will feature Gwinnett's head football coaches as assistants to Hunter and Johnson.

Hunter's players include just one TD Club of Gwinnett player of the year, Brookwood kicker Dawson Zimmerman, the club's specialist of the year. His roster does include the following first-team All-County selections though: Berkmar's Smith, Buford running back Demetris Murray, Brookwood lineman A.J. Mackey, Dacula lineman Calvin Cantrell, Buford lineman J.J. Miller, Collins Hill lineman Brad Wood, Brookwood lineman Hunter Simms, Grayson's Smith, Buford linebacker T.J. Pridemore, Grayson defensive back Denzell Guerra, Buford defensive back Kody Case and Shiloh punter Ernst Brun.

The club's tight end of the year, Mill Creek's Austin Wilson, and linebacker of the year, Norcross' Dion Dubose, are on Johnson's roster.

They are joined on the Johnson team by the following first-team All-County selections: North Gwinnett lineman Clint Duggan, Mill Creek lineman Darius Jackson, North lineman Eric Eberhardt, Parkview linebacker Winton Steward, North linebacker Eloka Anyaorah, North defensive back Marquese Quiles and Parkview kicker Jordan Stowe.

Coaches were allowed to nominate up to eight players for the Rivalries of Gwinnett game, but a maximum of six were selected from each school. Every school had to have at least two players in the game.

SideBar: Rivalries of Gwinnett All-Star Game

Dec. 21 at Brookwood High School

Dave Hunter Team


QB T.J. Smith, Berkmar

QB Ira Johnson, Shiloh

RB Demetris Murray, Buford

RB Cisco Barry, Dacula

RB Chandler Priest, Grayson

WR Nic Wilson, Duluth

WR Isaiah Jupiter, Berkmar

WR Terence Davis, Brookwood

WR Nick Sissine, Wesleyan

TE Randy Sides, Grayson

OL J.J. Miller, Buford

OL Calvin Cantrell, Dacula

OL A.J. Mackey, Brookwood

OL Josh Johnson, Wesleyan

OL Ari Tatum, Dacula

OL Josh Sneed, Collins Hill

OL Nick Amon, Grayson


DL Tyler King, Buford

DL Hunter Simms, Brookwood

DL Quanterius Smith, Grayson

DL Brad Wood, Collins Hill

DL Rammell Lewis, Grayson

LB Eric Tatum, Brookwood

LB Eric Josovitz, Duluth

LB T.J. Pridemore, Buford

LB Alex Brown, Berkmar

LB Chaz Johnson, Shiloh

DB Kody Case, Buford

DB Drew Swick, Collins Hill

DB Cody Vining, Buford

DB Richard Walker, Berkmar

DB Denzell Guerra, Grayson

P Ernst Brun, Shiloh

PK Dawson Zimmerman, Brookwood

Tally Johnson Team


QB Asher Clark, Peachtree Ridge

QB Nick Sorel, Norcross

QB Brent Snell, South Gwinnett

RB Rico Brazil, South Gwinnett

RB Ben Donald, GAC

RB Brandon Davis, Peachtree Ridge

WR Derick Heitkamp, Parkview

WR Alex Napper, Norcross

WR Hasan Carriel, South Gwinnett

TE Austin Wilson, Mill Creek

OL Justin Lumsden, GAC

OL Edixon Pino, Peachtree Ridge

OL Darius Jackson, Mill Creek

OL Clint Duggan, North Gwinnett

OL Dwayne Cherrington, Central Gwinnett

OL Kaleb Myrick, South Gwinnett

OL Donta Shepherd, Norcross


DL Josh Aiken-Phillips, Central Gwinnett

DL Robert Pritchard, North Gwinnett

DL Augustus Dukuly, Norcross

DL Michael Longo, Central Gwinnett

DL Eric Eberhardt, North Gwinnett

LB Winton Steward, Parkview

LB Tim Bennett, Meadowcreek

LB Eloka Anyaorah, North Gwinnett

LB Chris Doster, South Gwinnett

LB Dion Dubose, Norcross

DB Keverett Brown, Meadowcreek

DB Brandon Sanders, Peachtree Ridge

DB Marquese Quiles, North Gwinnett

DB Donald Maxwell, North Gwinnett

DB Deronte Smith, Meadowcreek

DB Sam Davis, Mill Creek

PK Jordan Stowe, Parkview

Spec. Matt Upchurch, Peachtree Ridge