Chick-fil-A CEO publishes fifth book

ATLANTA - The man who invented the Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich, fast food chain founder Truett Cathy, says he's perfected the recipe for success.

That recipe is outlined in Cathy's fifth book, 'How Did You Do It, Truett?' The book offers 11 tips for 'proven success' based on his lifetime of experiences with the fast food chain, including setting priorities, being courteous, cautiously expanding a business and not being burdened with debt.

'There's really no secret for success,' Cathy said from a mock-up of his first diner at his Atlanta headquarters. 'I hope it will open eyes for people. They don't have to follow my recipe but this is what works for me.'

Because that recipe has worked so well for him, the 86-year-old founder and CEO of the Atlanta-based chain said he has no desire to call it quits from his privately owned chain of more than 1,350 restaurants in 37 states and Washington.

'Why would I retire from something I enjoy doing?' said Cathy, who is launching a book tour Saturday. 'I can hardly wait to get here.'

He also told The Associated Press that the nation's 24th largest restaurant chain with $2.275 billion in sales in 2006 will never be a public company, even if he retires.