'Mama's Boy' doesn't offer enough laughs

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2 stars out of 4

"Mama's Boy," directed by Tim Hamilton, is a comedy that was not funny, and one that's written with a typical storyline. After the death of Jan's (Diane Keaton) husband, she and her son Jeffrey (Jon Heder) have become dependent on each other for companionship. The scenario gets interrupted by Mert (Jeff Daniels), who steps into the picture to date Jan and marry her - which leaves Jeffrey out on his own. A battle between the two men ensues and Jeffrey realizes he needs to fix the damage he has caused to his mother. "Mama's Boy" fell short on comedic lines and ending.

- LaToya Rogers, Duluth

2 1/2 stars out of 4

The plot is rather lame but the character interaction is funny and engaging. It seems mom and son are irreversibly and cruelly sentenced to each other. Jon Heder is Jeff, who is 29 and a totally "lost in life," nerdy son. His world unravels when his prudish mom Jan (Diane Keaton) meets serious love interest Mert, a self-help guru played by Jeff Daniels. Jeff eventually sees the bigger picture, thanks in part to tough-love advice from Jan and would-be girlfriend Nora (Anna Faris). In the end, predictably, the nerd shows growth and maturity and everyone is happy. "Mama's Boy" is not a loser and not a winner, but certainly not a bad way to spend a little time during the holidays.

- Rick Wright, Auburn

2 stars out of 4

A generation Y-bother film about coming of age. The twist is that the Y-ner, Jon Heder - aka Napoleon Dynamite - is pushed out of the house by his mother (Diane Keaton) when her beau moves in (Jeff Daniels). Was watching the movie torture? Not as much as one's own kids who never want to grow up provide on a weekly basis. At least the Y-ner didn't squeeze money out of his mother every time he sees her. Is its brainless plot line Seinfeldesque? Could "Mama's Boy" be the defining film for the Y generation? Possibly, but oh so sad it could be!

- Alfred Richner, Lawrenceville