Political notebook: Ga. Right to Life PAC endorses Huckabee

Mike Huckabee has the support of Chuck Norris.

But last week, the former Arkansas governor got another endorsement in his bid for the Republican nomination for president.

Georgia Right to Life's Political Action Committee gave its support to Huckabee last week, while also giving kudos to the pro-life positions of U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter, Alan Keyes and U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo.

As an affiliate of National Right to Life, the Lawrenceville-based organization will communicate the endorsement to 225,000 households in Georgia.

"We believe that Gov. Huckabee is the strongest and most effective pro-life candidate in this race," said Bryan Lash, the local PAC director. "Passing a Personhood Amendment here in Georgia is our key issue in achieving our objective to extend the protections of the law to all - persons' both born and unborn.

"Support of a candidate who ushered a similar amendment through his own state speaks volumes to us," Lash said, pointing to Arkansas' "Human Life Amendment," which sets a policy for the state to protect the life of every unborn child from conception to birth.

"Mr. Huckabee's recent surge in the polls, we believe, demonstrates that he is the pro-life movement's best hope in defeating pro-abortion candidate Rudy Giuliani," Lash continued. "When elected, Mike Huckabee will work hard to establish our goal of restoring respect and effective legal protection to all innocent human beings, from the moment of fertilization until natural death."

In his statement to the organization, Huckabee said, "In keeping with my consistent support for life, I believe in the 'one exception' clause for the life of the mother and I support the Georgia Personhood Amendment. I also support, and have consistently done so, the Human Life Amendment to the United States Constitution."

Abortion foe makes campaign stop

When Operation Rescue's "Truth Truck" rolled up Saturday to the Gwinnett County Police Department's headquarters to deliver a letter, gubernatorial hopeful Neal Horsley was waiting in the parking lot.

Horsley, who said he came to Lawrenceville to campaign, had set up posters with images of aborted fetuses. The Carrollton resident, who has no political experience, said he plans to outlaw abortion in this state if he is elected.

He said he promises to nullify the federal law that makes abortion legal and create a state militia so "no one can go in there (clinics) and kill babies in this state."

By making abortion legal, people made themselves God's "mortal enemies," Horsley said.

"The use of force is called for when little babies are legally being ripped limb from limb," he said. "If we don't do that, God's going to destroy this state."

Staff writer Heather Darenberg contributed to this report.

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