Teacher moved to secret location as Sudanese call for her execution

KHARTOUM, Sudan - Thousands of Sudanese, many armed with clubs and swords and beating drums, burned pictures of a British teacher Friday and demanded her execution for insulting Islam by letting her students name a teddy bear Muhammad.

Sudan's Islamic government, which has long whipped up anti-Western, Muslim hard-line sentiment at home, was balancing between fueling outrage over the case of Gillian Gibbons and containing it.

In response to the rally in central Khartoum, Gibbons was moved from the women's prison across the Nile in Oumdurman to a secret location, her chief lawyer Kamal al-Gizouli told the Associated Press. He said he visited her there to discuss her conviction Thursday on charges of insulting Islam.

Former prime minister Bhutto starts campaign

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Benazir Bhutto presented her election manifesto Friday, dimming the prospect of an opposition boycott that could undermine President Pervez Musharraf's efforts to show Pakistan is returning to democracy.

Musharraf left open the possibility of working with Bhutto after the Jan. 8 parliamentary elections. Both are secular leaders who vow to take a tough line against Islamic extremism, and an alliance between the two would be welcomed in the West.

Iraqi troops raid compound of top Sunni politician

BAGHDAD - Iraqi troops arrested the son of a leading Sunni politician and dozens of his associates after a car bomb was discovered near his compound and keys to the vehicle were found on one of his bodyguards, U.S. and Iraqi officials said Friday.

Five U.S. soldiers and an Iraqi civilian were injured when they detonated the car bomb near the compound of Adnan al-Dulaimi, leader of the biggest Sunni bloc in parliament, the U.S. military said.

Atlasjet plane crashes in Turkey; no one survives

YESILYURT, Turkey - An Atlasjet plane crashed on a rocky mountain shortly before it was due to land in southwest Turkey on Friday, killing all 57 people on board, including a 6-week-old baby going to see her grandparents for the first time.

The McDonnell Douglas MD-83, carrying 50 passengers and seven crew members, took off from Istanbul around 1 a.m. for the one-hour flight to Isparta province, but it went off the radar just before crashing at the airport.