Firefighters in Greece battle last major blaze

KATO KOTYLI, Greece - Firefighters battled their last major blaze in southern Greece Thursday after a week of forest fires killed 64 people and cost the country at least $1.6 billion, prompting a vast relief effort.

Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis, who faces a close race for re-election in less than three weeks, promised to rebuild all homes destroyed by the fires through a disaster relief fund made up of state and private contributions.

He said homeless families would initially get prefabricated homes.

Diana memorial service exposes lingering anger

LONDON - Princess Diana is at rest, but the passions that swirled around her tempestuous marriage to Prince Charles are still evident as friends and family prepare to commemorate her life at a memorial service today.

The religious service, exactly 10 years after her death in a Paris car crash, has triggered fresh recriminations against Charles' second wife. And the media have closely watched to see who's invited to the ceremony, who's not coming and who wasn't asked.

Queen Elizabeth II will head the list of guests at the service.

Charles' wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, changed her mind about attending in the face of criticism from those who blame her for breaking up his marriage to Diana.

Taliban free last of the hostages, vow to take more

JANDA, Afghanistan - Taliban militants released the last seven South Korean hostages on Thursday under a deal with the government in Seoul, ending a six-week drama that the insurgents claimed as a 'great victory for our holy warriors.'

Taliban spokesman Qari Yousef Ahmadi vowed to abduct more foreigners, reinforcing fears that South Korea's decision to negotiate directly with the militants would embolden them.

Exiled Pakistani political leader vows to battle Musharraf's rule

LONDON - An embittered former Pakistani prime minister vowed Thursday to return home from exile next month to fight the attempt by President Gen. Pervez Musharraf to extend his military rule.

Nawaz Sharif said he would set foot in Pakistan on Sept. 10 after seven years away, setting up a three-cornered fight for power in a front-line state of the U.S.-led war on terrorism.