Comcast, Daily Post renew newspaper deal

The agreement that delivers the Gwinnett Daily Post to 18,000 households in northeast Gwinnett and neighboring counties has been renewed.

Officials from Comcast Cable and the Daily Post have signed a new distribution agreement that renews the alliance the Post had with Adelphia Cable. The Post was partnering with Adelphia cable in the Dacula and Winder areas when Comcast purchased Adelphia in 2006. Comcast agreed to continue the alliance in the same geographic area and signed a new contract with the Post this week.

In a deal unique in the newspaper industry, a portion of the Post's circulation comes from alliances with two cable companies - Comcast and Charter Cable. A paid subscription to the Post comes as part of the basic cable television package at no charge to the customer.

"The new contract ensures a stable circulation for the Post in years to come," Publisher J.K. Murphy said. "While the newspaper industry overall is experiencing a gradual decline in circulation, this innovative distribution agreement has allowed the Daily Post to grow."

The Post signed its first cable alliance in 1997 and since then has grown to become the third largest daily newspaper in the state of Georgia behind the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Augusta Chronicle.

The cable television companies use the Post subscriptions as an incentive to attract customers.

"We're really pleased to provide our customers with free Gwinnett Daily Post newspapers," said Cindy Kicklighter, spokeswoman for Comcast. "Beyond providing our customers with entertaining services, we also want to serve our community. We have a special interest in literacy and we feel this is a great way to encourage that in this area."

The contract between the Post and its other cable partner, Charter Cable, runs through August 2011.