Barrow to hear update on West Winder Bypass

WINDER - Big trucks are still rolling down Broad Street, but there's hope for Winder's traffic snarls. Residents can hear an update on the progress of the West Winder Bypass at 6 tonight in the Board of Commissioners' chambers.

The five-mile bypass will route away from Winder the traffic that is just passing through, leaving Winder's streets clear for local business.

The state is scheduled to begin acquiring right of way property in 2010, then begin construction two or three years later.

The project will include construction of a new four-lane interchange with 24-foot raised median graded shoulders at Ga. Highway 316 and Patrick Mill Road. The road will follow Patrick Mill Road to Burson Maddox Road where it will turn west and cross Matthews School Road. A bridge will send drivers over Atlanta and Bankhead highways, then it will tie back into Ga. Highway 211 near Huntington Trail and Rockwell Church Road.

An estimated 26,700 cars should travel daily across the bypass in 2029. The $83.4 million designated for the project includes a $39 million cost for rights of way and $44.4 million for construction.

The board is also expected to make a determination on a sewer line route from Ga. Highway 53/316 to the Barber Creek wastewater facility and consider sewer alternatives for the Ga. 211 corridor.