Boat dock moratorium extended

LAWRENCEVILLE - Lake Lanier has further extended a moratorium on new boat dock permits because of low water levels.

The moratorium, which was announced in April, was originally meant to give the Army Corps of Engineers an opportunity to determine how many dock permits remain available. It was extended until October after 10 people died in the lake and park rangers who focus on shoreline management were reassigned to educate people about public safety.

Now, the drought has caused water levels to dip below 1,063 feet. When water levels are lower than that mark, the Corps normally enters a moratorium on new dock permits.

Lake Lanier was at 1,062.29 feet as of Monday. Full pool is 1,071 feet.

All permits that were being reviewed before the moratorium will continue to be processed, according to a press release. The moratorium will be lifted when lake levels are above 1,064 feet.