Restaurant reopens after failing report

LAWRENCEVILLE - A Wendy's restaurant in Lawrenceville reopened Thursday after scoring so poorly on a food inspection that officials ordered its doors closed, a health official said Friday.

The Wendy's restaurant located at 200 S. Clayton St. scored 47 points out of a possible 100 during an inspection Wednesday by the Gwinnett County Health Department.

The department regards any score below 85 as failing. Scores below 45 usually trigger a restaurant closing, said health department spokesman Vernon Goins.

Goins said chain restaurants such as Wendy's are rarely closed for poor food service records.

"Most of the big restaurants have internal inspectors to guard against problems like this," Goins said.

Inspectors found problems at the Lawrenceville Wendy's with food storage, food temperatures and employee hygiene, among other infractions, the reports says.

A Wendy's manger declined comment Friday.

Following the restaurant closing, Goins said he met with Wendy's managers for a compliance conference to get the eatery back up to speed.

The restaurant scored 94 on a report Thursday prior to the reopening.

"I know they worked very hard at Wendy's to get in compliance," said Goins. "I, in fact, ate there today."

For a comprehensive list of food inspection records for Gwinnett County restaurants, visit www.gwinnetthealth.com.