Man sentenced in robbery of 69-year-old

WINDER - A Winder man accused of robbing a 69-year-old man outside a convenience store was sentenced Monday.

Christopher Neal Rasky, 39, of Winder pleaded guilty to charges of robbery and obstructing an officer.

Warrants said that Rasky grabbed the victim by the shirt and demanded money outside the Short Stop at 228 N. Broad St. on May 22.

The victim gave Rasky $50. The clerk saw the confrontation and ran to the parking lot, while someone inside the store called police.

Two Winder police officers and police dog Reno caught up with Rasky in the East Fifth Avenue and New Street area, police reports said.

Rasky will serve one year in jail for the robbery charge - plus 12 months to be served concurrently for the obstruction charge, one year in the diversion center, one year of in-patient treatment, and the balance of his 15-year sentence on probation. He is to pay a $2,000 fine plus restitution and stay away from the Short Stop.