Colorful, playful hampers can make doing laundry fun

As a kid, I would help my mom with the laundry. We had the biweekly Empty Hanger Collection Day, the weekly Dirty Laundry Dispensing Day and the near-daily Laundry Folding Event. I hated doing laundry then. I hate doing laundry now.

I admit, there was a time in college when I didn't do laundry for an entire semester. I just wore what I had over and over, or bought something new. Yes, I know: it was pathetic.

Now that I'm a "responsible adult," I do my laundry at least once a week. I still hate it, but I've found there are plenty of gadgets to make the chore a bit more bearable. Or, at least, more organized.

Sorting laundry has never been my strong suit - evidenced by my white-turned-pink T-shirt collection. But the Tomato-and-White Chrome Double Bag Stand from The Container Store makes separating the whites and reds too easy to mess up. The stand holds two mesh laundry bags - one colored red, the other white. Guess which color goes into which bag? Not only does the stand help keep whites and reds separated, it also keeps dirty clothes off the floor and out of the way. The stand retails for $36.97.

Also aiding in the art of separating is The Container Store's Three-Compartment Hamper Tote. Divided into three sections, the hamper has a colored picture on the side of each section to show where the whites, reds and colored items belong. An open pocket on the back of the tote holds detergent. Crafted from heavyweight polyester canvas and sporting two wide shoulder straps, the hamper is transported easily. The tote retails for $39.99. Both are sold at The Container Store and online at www.containerstore.com.

To take your dirty clothes from point A to point clean, opt for the Pop-up Cylinder Hamper On Wheels from Simple Solutions. Holding up to three loads of laundry, the hamper features wheels for easy rolling and large carrying straps for lugging. After all the washing is done, the rolling hamper folds flat for storage. The hamper retails for $19.99 at Linens 'N Things.

Help your kids develop a loving relationship with laundry with the Whitmor Kids' Frog Hamper. Clothes go in, and come out, of the bright green, bug-eyed frog's wide mouth. The stand-up hamper is collapsible with colorful wire spirals to help make laundry chores fun. Well, tolerable. Retailing for $14.99, it is sold at Target.

Once the clothes have been washed and dried, step two of the laundry game comes into play: folding and putting away. Check back with Nester's Needs next week for more laundry innovations.

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