Phone tower denied
Plan to build near Parkview rejected

LAWRENCEVILLE - Jill Ososki is relieved.

When she and her husband, Mike, came to the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center on Tuesday they felt sure that when they left, T-Mobile would have permission to build a telecommunications tower next door to their home.

But county commissioners denied the request to put a 199-foot tower on Cole Drive behind Parkview High School's baseball field. It was originally tabled in July until school was back in session.

"I'm just glad," Jill Ososki said. "It makes me feel like I live in a democracy after all."

T-Mobile representative Sarran Marshall said previously the tower would provide much-needed coverage along Five Forks Trickum Road.

But County Commissioner Mike Beaudreau said with increasing technological advances, he doesn't believe that so many towers will be needed in the future.

Beaudreau and Commissioner Bert Nasuti, who both represent the area near the proposed tower, said there were multiple reasons to deny the request. The proposal was similar to another that was denied in January.

"It's basically on a soccer field," Nasuti said. "I have a number of safety concerns, a number of aesthetic concerns."

In July, local residents cited studies showing that proximity to the towers increases the possibility of developing cancer.

Jill Ososki said she doesn't think similar towers belong in any residential neighborhood. Mike Ososki said the couple won't become anti-cell-tower activists, but they are pleased that the one near their home was denied.

"Right or wrong, there's a lot of fear about cell-tower exposure," he said.

- Senior Writer Camie Young contributed to this article.