Last victim of bridge collapse still missing

MINNEAPOLIS - Lisa Jolstad's worst fear since the interstate bridge collapse was that her husband would still be missing in the Mississippi River after all the other victims of the disaster had been found.

That's exactly what happened. But searchers who returned to the water Monday plan to keep looking for construction worker Greg Jolstad, even though he could have been swept away forever down the river.

Greg Jolstad, 45, was part of a crew resurfacing the bridge when it fell.

Utah mine official not hopeful that men will be found

HUNTINGTON, Utah - Faced with a backlash over dimming hopes, a coal mine boss broke his self-imposed silence Monday to issue e-mails lowering expectations that six trapped coal miners will ever be recovered, dead or alive.

Bob Murray, chief executive of Murray Energy Corp., issued an initial statement that promised 'we will not be deterred, and we will not leave this mountain until we find our people.'

That was followed a few hours later by another release, saying: 'We will not leave this mountain until we achieve a resolution to this tragedy.'

Carbon monoxide leak at Va. Tech puts 5 in hospital

BLACKSBURG, Va. - A Virginia Tech campus still reeling from the deaths of 32 people at the hands of a student gunman last spring began its fall semester Monday amid another tragedy: a carbon monoxide leak at an off-campus apartment left five roommates hospitalized, two in critical condition.

The leak appeared to be from a faulty valve in a gas water heater in the apartment the students shared, Blacksburg Police Capt. Bruce Bradbery said.

It was discovered Sunday morning after a neighbor complained of fumes, just as Virginia Tech was preparing to dedicate a memorial to the 27 students and five faculty members killed April 16 by Seung-Hui Cho.

Space shuttle cleared for return

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - With the last bit of shuttle imagery analyzed, NASA cleared Endeavour on Monday for its return to Earth, bringing the spaceship home a day early because of hurricane worries that later evaporated.

Endeavour is aiming for a touchdown early this afternoon, as long as the crosswind at the landing strip isn't too strong, which is the main weather concern.