Select movies now showing in metro area theaters:

Becoming Jane (PG) In what is essentially a variation on the author's own landmark novel "Pride and Prejudice," this film is an uneven story of Jane Austen's life prior to fame and fortune. There's a lot to like about the movie, particularly Anne Hathaway's charming and graceful portrayal of the title character. However impressive she may be, Hathaway is never able to completely transcend the movie's iffy screenplay and inconsistent production values. 21⁄2 stars - Michael Clark

The Bourne Ultimatum (PG-13) The Jason Bourne trilogy shows just how good Hollywood action movies can be when the right people are on board and the studio keeps its involvement to a bare minimum. All installments - based on novels by Robert Ludlum - get right to the point, say what they have to and then take their exit. There's not a single action franchise in the history of motion pictures that can come close to equaling "Bourne's" overall quality and consistency. 31⁄2 stars - MC

Daddy Day Camp (PG) As desperate as some actors are for a paycheck - and that would include EVERYONE in this movie - there comes a point where you just have to say no. Cuba Gooding Jr. obviously hasn't gotten to that point yet. Parents, here's a major no-brainer for you: don't even think about taking your child to see this movie. It's not funny, entertaining or enlightening. It might just be the worst family film ever made. 1⁄2 of one star - MC

No Reservations (PG) This might be the first romantic comedy in history completely devoid of intentional - or unintentional - humor. A remake of the 2001 German film "Mostly Martha," it is the story of an uptight, workaholic chef (Catherine Zeta-Jones) whose life is upended when she becomes the guardian of her late sister's tween girl. 1 star - MC

Rush Hour 3 (PG-13) Following the mismatched buddy action/comedy blueprint without a single whiff of variation, the three interchangeable "Rush Hour" movies represent the worst of what Hollywood can churn out when the sole concern is the bottom line. Given the monster success of the first two installments, "Rush Hour 3" will certainly do what the studio has planned. It will make an initial killing at the box office and slip into forgettable, welcomed obscurity. 1 star - MC

The Simpsons Movie (PG-13) "The Simpsons Movie" is not an extended episode of the show, but rather a bona fide feature film that firmly stands on its own merits. It's loaded with character development and big-screen sized action. The only problem: if you've never seen an episode of the series, you'll be completely lost. Then again, if you've never seen the show, you'll probably have zero interest in the seeing the film. 31⁄2 stars - MC

Stardust (PG-13) "Stardust" recalls "Harry Potter," "The Lord of the Rings," vintage "Monty Python" and something that's not quite "Cinderella." It is a fantasy adventure that will leave you breathless and feeling thoroughly alive. It is an adult fairy tale that, while occasionally dark and intense, can be understood and enjoyed by bright youngsters and anyone who likes bumping their way through an intricate maze of a story. It is not "The Wizard of Oz" of the 21st century, but it comes close. 31⁄2 stars - MC