Accused madam pleads not guilty
Attorney plans to contest wire tapping

LAWRENCEVILLE - The second of the alleged mansion madams pleaded not guilty Thursday at an arraignment before a Gwinnett County Superior Court judge.

Thirty-year-old Nicole Probert of Lawrenceville was present at the 9 a.m. hearing flanked by attorney Steve Sadow and Gwinnett District Attorney Danny Porter as she officially entered her plea. The Thursday hearing had been rescheduled from a previous July date.

"Today was a routine day in court," Sadow said. "We went in and pled not guilty to the three indictments."

Probert and alleged partner Lisa Ann Taylor, 43, of Duluth, who pleaded not guilty at an arraignment in July, were charged in January with violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, prostitution, keeping a place of prostitution and conspiracy to possess cocaine.

The pair were indicted by a Gwinnett County grand jury June 13 on the charges surrounding the alleged sex business. Both were arrested and released on bond following a tip from the Gwinnett Daily Post which led to an investigation into "The Erotic Review" - a Web site that included reviews, discussion boards and price listings for sex.

Sadow said the next step in his client's case is to file motions against reported wire tapping police used to gather evidence surrounding the alleged sex ring. Sadow said the recorded evidence was obtained illegally and he's confident that after motions are filed the case against his client will be dismissed.

Taylor's attorney Mark Issa said previously he also planned to file motions concerning the wire tapping.

Sadow plans to file the motions within 30 days, a 20-day extension to the typical 10-day window usually granted. The extension was granted at Sadow's request, giving, according to Sadow, him and Probert time to look over discovery documents pertaining to the wire tapping and other evidence.

"With the investigation and the wire tapping the paperwork is extensive," Sadow said. "The key is the pretrial motions."

Probert declined comment to the Post at the Thursday hearing and directed all questions to Sadow.

"She's doing better every day and she's ready to get into court," Sadow said of Probert.

According to Porter, Taylor, Probert and the four men who were also indicted in connection to the allegations are due back in court within upcoming months.

"Next will be the motions hearing in November and eventually a trial in February," said Porter.