Gwinnett Village to hold barbecue

LAWRENCEVILLE - Unless business owners and residents come to board meetings for the Gwinnett Village Community Improvement District, they would have no way to keep up to date about the CID's initiatives.

Members of a sister organization, the Gwinnett Village Community Alliance, hope to change that today.

They are hosting what they hope will become an annual barbecue at Best Friend Park on Jimmy Carter Boulevard. The social event will give business owners and interested residents a chance to meet each other and hobnob, as well as letting the CID share information about efforts such as the addition of off-duty police officers to help curb crime in the area.

Sally Sherrington Haggard, the Alliance's executive director, said she expects between 125 and 150 people to come to the barbecue, which will feature short updates on area progress from herself and from CID director Chuck Warbington.

But Haggard said the primary focus of the two-hour event will be social.

The Village Alliance is also planning to hand out 5,000 welcome bags to hotels in the area in anticipation of people coming to the CID for the opening of a Hindu mandir in Lilburn. The bags will include coupons and maps of the area, she said.