Grayson History Preservation Society looking for new members

GRAYSON - In Grayson, history is not a subject to be taken lightly.

The town even has a history preservation society to make sure none of Grayson's rich heritage slips away.

The Grayson History Preservation Society was founded about two years ago, and is still in its organizational stages.

Steve Starling, Grayson History Preservation Society's resident historian and president of the Gwinnett History Society, said the biggest goal right now is increasing membership within the society.

"We're getting members involved to help preserve the history of Grayson," Starling said.

Once the society has reached its membership goal, the focus will turn to the preservation of Grayson's history.

Reaching the desired level of membership shouldn't be a problem, Starling said.

"We do have members, and we keep getting more and more," he said.

The society isn't limited to Grayson natives. Newcomers are also welcome.

"We are blessed that our newcomers are so enamored with our history," Starling said.

As the historical society's membership increases, it will work at keeping Grayson's history alive.

"Members may work in the Grayson Arts and History Center, and educate kids and tour groups on different aspects of Grayson's history," said Barbara Hinkle, of the Grayson Arts and History Center.

"We will work on the collection of artifacts and references from Grayson's past," Starling said.

The society wants to to make Grayson residents aware of their heritage, and the facets that helped build the community.

For example, many people may not know that Grayson was a planned community. J.P. McConnell bought the land and planned much of the building for stores and residential areas. McConnell's brother, Moses McConnell, helped the planning of Grayson by buying land for the Grayson schools.

"We just want people to know what Grayson used to be," Starling said. "And keep that small town flavor alive."

For more information on the Grayson History Preservation Society, visit cityofgrayson.org or contact the Grayson Arts and History Center.