Deputy stops man with Taser
Foot chase ends when stun gun subdues suspect

LILBURN - Using a Taser, a Gwinnett County Sheriff's deputy was able to stop a man from fleeing from authorities Friday.

The man, who identified himself to officers as 25-year-old Noel Garcia of Lilburn, ran from Gwinnett County police after his car was pulled over on Burnt Creek Way in Lilburn. Authorities are trying to confirm the man's identity, said Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Stacey Bourbonnais.

Garcia fled into the woods as officers were attempting to arrest him on open container and no valid license charges, a Sheriff's Department press release said.

Bourbonnais said Sheriff's Deputy Matt Van Buren was in the area, heard the police radio call and pursued Garcia's trail along with Gwinnett County police.

Officers located Garcia in the yard of a nearby home and attempted to capture him as he tried to punch his way through a wooden fence on the property.

Van Buren deployed his Taser when Garcia broke through the fence and took "an aggressive stance" toward the deputy, Bourbonnais said.

According to Bourbonnais, Garcia was shot once with the stun gun and arrested with no injury to Garcia or authorities.

Last month, Carlos Rodriguez died after deputies used Tasers to subdue the 27-year-old man during a confrontation at the Lia Hills Drive apartment complex on Lia Hills Drive. One of the Tasers reportedly malfunctioned, according to a police report.

A week later Gwinnett Chief Forensic Investigator Ted Bailey confirmed Rodriguez was shocked once, possibly twice with the Taser, but previously said comments could not be made on what effects the Taser played in the man's death.

Gwinnett Sheriff's Department investigators and Sheriff's Professional Standards Unit continue to investigate the incident.

Sheriff Butch Conway stands by the guns as a valuable piece of equipment. He said in a previous interview deputies must pass training with the Tasers that includes being shocked.