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Film Fans say 'Bourne Ultimatum' offers thrills

EDITOR'S NOTE - Film Fans runs in the Friday Weekend section of the Gwinnett Daily Post. It features local residents reviewing the film of the week: "The Bourne Ultimatum." Want to be a Film Fan? E-mail

3 stars

This third film in the Bourne series, "The Bourne Ultimatum" builds on the momentum of the first two, providing bigger, better and more mind-blowing action sequences. What I liked most, however, is that unlike most action sequels, where the action usually becomes the star, this picture actually focuses on the character and his journey. Matt Damon delivers emotional complexity as well as down and dirty action without compromising anything in his performance. While a performance from an action movie would probably never win any awards, Damon, at the very least, should be nominated for something.

- Pedro E. Alvarado, Lawrenceville

4 stars

"The Bourne Ultimatum" is a fast-paced thriller that gives you action, intelligence and poignancy all in one. Matt Damon is excellent as Jason Bourne. He captures Jason's conflict between defending himself and discovering his identity. Jason flashes back to his indoctrination as a killing machine all the while dodging assassins and surveillance from the CIA. There are solid performances from Joan Allen, David Strathairn and Julia Stiles, along with edge-of-the-seat car chases and combat. Even better, it leaves us with an ending that sets up a definite sequel!

- Stephanie Kilroe, Lawrenceville

3 1/2 stars

"The Bourne Ultimatum" is thrilling and extremely enjoyable. This sequel does a nice job of tying in the former movies while adding some new twists. Matt Damon gives a solid performance as a confused, yet powerful, individual. Julia Stiles returns with a more vital role in the storyline. More details are revealed about Jason Bourne's background, and we learn about the kind of person Bourne was, is and wants to be. The fight scenes are exciting and the maneuvers are innovative. "Ultimatum" is now my favorite of the trilogy.

- Catherine Mileson, Lawrenceville