Sugar Hill creating softball league for adults

SUGAR HILL - With fall around the corner, kids sports registration is in full force. But this year, Sugar Hill is offering a little something for the adults as well.

On Aug. 1, registration for the inaugural adult softball league began for Sugar Hill, and the city hopes to have enough participants to form 10 to 12 softball teams.

"We haven't had an adult softball league in about five years," said Andy McQuagge, of the Sugar Hill Community Center. "We continued to get asked about when we were going to form one."

The Sugar Hill recreation department decided this year would be the appropriate time to start an adult softball league, because there had been some fresh changes at the park where the games will be held.

"We just redid the ball fields," McQuagge said.

The city has scheduled a 10-game season for the adult softball league, which starts Sept. 4. Each game will take place at 7 p.m. Tuesdays at E.E. Robinson Park.

The teams will compete on these nights for a chance to go to playoffs, where they will have the opportunity to become the champions of the inaugural adult softball league. These playoffs will begin Nov. 20, after the regular season ends Nov. 13.

There are no experience requirements for the league members, and any adult 18 or older is invited to be a part of the softball league.

Sugar Hill hopes the adult softball league will be a hit and remain an institution in the city's fall recreation schedule.

This hope seems to be a definite possibility, with a so far successful registration and a positive response from the public.

"We've had a lot of good feedback from a lot of people," McQuagge said.