Dacula officials vote to change zoning use provisions

DACULA - In a public hearing Thursday night, Dacula city council members voted to amend use provisions for C-3 zoned properties.

Taxi services, tattoo parlors, shooting ranges, pawn shops, equipment rental companies, massage parlors, hotels and motels and taxidermy shops are all considered special uses of C-3 zoned properties. Anyone who proposes such businesses on properties already zoned C-3 will have to petition mayor Jimmy Wilbanks and the council for review and approval.

"We have a lot of C-3 property here in the city," City Administrator Jim Osborne said.

"None of these (businesses) in and of themselves are bad, but we just need to have a little more control," Wilbanks said.

The purpose of the amendment is to assure adjoining property owners that their properties will not be negatively impacted by future developments.

Road resurfacing

priorities identified

The three roads that city staff have identified as priority resurfacing candidates for 2008 are: Broad Street, Williams Farm Drive and Paul Thomas Drive. The Local Assistance Road Program, or LARP, is a Georgia DOT program designed to assist municipalities with road resurfacing projects. According to Wilbanks, about one quarter mile of road within any given city is allotted per year for resurfacing through LARP.

Mayor recommends

attending TAD workshop

Wilbanks announced Thursday night that voters will have the opportunity Nov. 6 to vote to approve or reject city redevelopment powers. One tool that cities may use to re-develop run down areas is the use of Tax Allocation Districts, or TADS. The mayor urged residents to attend a TAD workshop scheduled to be held at 2 p.m. Aug. 15 at the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce.

"TADs are an important tool to have in our toolkit for redevelopment," Wilbanks said, adding that the workshop will help voters understand exactly what TADS are and how they are used for redevelopment.