3 found dead, 2 hurt at home in Powder Springs

POWDER SPRINGS - More than eight hours after responding to reports of a triple homicide in this suburb west of Atlanta, police were offering few details Wednesday on the deaths of a Kenyan immigrant and her two daughters.

The three were found dead, and two boys, one the mother's 8-year-old son, were found unconscious shortly before 9 a.m., Powder Springs Detective Kelly Gobely said.

At 5 p.m., police still were not announcing the names of the victims or the cause of their deaths.

'We're just only allowed to release so much at this point,' Gobely said. 'We want to make sure we have everything in the correct order.'

She said authorities did not have a suspect in custody by Wednesday afternoon and do not suspect the deaths were a murder-suicide.

The deaths are the first homicides that authorities in Powder Springs - about 30 minutes west of Atlanta - have investigated in more than three years.

Police roadblocks and yellow crime-scene tape Wednesday surrounded the family's two-story home on a cul de sac called Country Cove Way. The middle class neighborhood, marked by brick homes and neatly manicured lawns, has always been a quiet one where virtually no crimes are investigated, police said.

Gobely said one of the boys was transported by helicopter and the other by ground transportation to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite.

Hospital spokesman Jason Rollins said Jeremy Kuria, 8, was in critical condition at the hospital Wednesday afternoon.

Property records show that Jane Kuria, 47, lives at the address of the killings.

Rollins would not confirm whether the second boy was being treated at the hospital because his name has not been made public.

Gobely said there was no word yet on whether the boys had been able to communicate with police investigators.

She said one of the daughters was an adult. The mother was a widow and nobody who lived in the house was unaccounted for, Gobely said.

Gobely said a relative found the bodies Wednesday morning and called for an ambulance.

Jermaine Goddard, a 16-year-old neighbor who said he was a classmate of one the girls who lived in the home, said he was shocked by the crime.

He said her name was Annabell Kuria, a 16-year-old rising sophomore at McEachern High School. He showed reporters her photograph as a member of the school's pep squad and said he saw her every morning at about

5 a.m., escorting her younger brother to the bus stop.

'It takes a good sister to do something like that,' said Goddard. 'She was just a nice kid.' Neighbors said the woman who lived in the home was a nurse who had moved to the neighborhood about two years ago.

Goddard and other neighbors said the family originally was from Kenya. Gobely verified that the family is believed to be from Kenya and that investigators have reached out to members of the area's Kenyan community as they search for clues in the killings.