Waiver issued in preliminary hearings for robberies

LAWRENCEVILLE - Attorneys issued a waiver in court Friday for a 17-year-old charged with robbing homes in the East Parke subdivision in Stone Mountain.

Darrian Dewayne Bryant, 17, was scheduled to appear in front of Magistrate Judge Robert Waller at a 1:30 p.m. preliminary hearing, but the teen's attorneys issued the document, giving up the teen's right for a preliminary hearing and keeping Bryant out of court for a few months.

Gwinnett County Assistant District Attorney Kurt Martin said issuing indictments is the next step in the case. Bryant faces nine counts of burglary.

"The state will prepare indictments and summarize the events and submit that to a grand jury," Martin said. The indictments are expected within the next three months, Martin added.

Some of the residents from the Stone Mountain neighborhood showed up at the Gwinnett County jail courtroom - disappointed the trial had been waived.

A resident of East Parke, who did not wish to reveal her name, said she took off work to attend what she thought was a preliminary hearing. The woman's home was hit twice and is part of the burglaries for which Bryant is charged.

Bryant is also a suspect in the March 28 rape and beating of a 15-year-old in the same neighborhood and two assaults during burglaries in the subdivision, but he has not been charged for those crimes, police said