Lake begins boat dock moratorium

LAWRENCEVILLE - The Army Corps of Engineers will stop accepting requests for new boat docks on Lake Lanier beginning today.

The 120-day moratorium will give the corps time to determine how many dock applications already exist. Under a 2004 plan, the maximum number of docks allowed on the lake was capped at 10,615.

Jonathan Davis, the lake's operations project manager, said that number represents the available capacity for private boat docks on the shoreline. It was determined in December 2004 after two years of study in the update to the Lake Lanier Shoreline Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement.

Once that number is reached, no more permits can be issued.

The moratorium does not affect the normal processing for existing dock permits, like those that have their ownership transferred or are reissued upon expiration.

At the end of the moratorium, the corps will have an exact number of remaining dock permits that could be issued.