Find the right feeder to attract the right birds

In the house where I grew up, we had a massive backyard. I'm talking a kid's dream. There was a large lawn, a few acres of trees and a lake, all for my young heart's content.

With trees full of green goodness and flowers in bloom in the spring and summer, throngs of birds would gather around the land of bird feeders my dad had set up. I could literally spend hours just watching and counting the varying species that would come by for a visit.

Try these feeders to create an equally enchanting yard.

Constructed from 100 percent recyclable polypropylene plastic, the new, innovative Popoutz feeders are both animal- and earth-friendly. They are ideal for the low-maintenance bird watcher. Easy to assemble, fill and clean, the feeder is compatible with all types of bird food to attract all types of birds.

Popoutz feeders are available in four styles to accommodate different types of food - peanut sunflower, small seed and mealworm, suet, and suet ball. As an added plus, the feeder is cheap. Retailing for $1.80 each, they are sold online at www.popoutz.com.

Able to fly backward, forward and hover in mid-air, the hummingbird is by far the most graceful bird of the bunch. Attract this delicate buddy to your yard with PetSmart's copper hummingbird feeder. Metal flowers adorn the feeders' three serving stations, and are painted bright red to attract the tiny birds. Shiny yet simple, the copper-based feeder is a classy addition to the landscape. Retailing for $16.99, the feeder is sold at PetSmart stores.

With the Nyjer/Thistle Upside Down Tube Feeder, bird-watchers can go for the gold. The feeder is an ideal model for attracting American Goldfinches, which eat hanging upside down. However, house finches can't hang on upside down, making the feeder a simple solution to the age-old problem of house finches monopolizing feeder spots. The feeder, based on a design patented by the president of the Wild Bird Centers of America, retails for $24.99 and is available at Wild Bird Center stores.

Squirrels have long been a problem for bird-feeding fans, and in my yard, they were no different. Those pesky rodents would just jump right on to feeders and eat all our feathered friends' food. How rude. Now, in steps the Yankee Flipper. A long, round cylinder, this feeder is completely squirrel-proof. The feeder is weight-activated, so when a squirrel steps on the perch, a connection is made with the motor that makes the feeder spin, and the squirrel is flipped off. Thus the name. The Yankee Flipper is available for $69.99 at Copper Feed and Seed, 131 Eaton St., Lawrenceville. Visit www.cooperseeds.com.

Anna Ferguson is a staff writer for the Daily Post. E-mail her at anna.ferguson@gwinnettdailypost.com.