8 ways to make Earth Day every day

Inflate your tires and empty your trunk

Adding air and emptying the things you don't need will mean better gas mileage and less exhaust released into the atmosphere - which will also keep you away from the gas station and put more money in your pocket.


Take the same brown paper bag or lunch box to work or school for lunch all week or print things on the back of scrap paper. Store food in reusable containers, instead of disposable ones. Take unwanted items to thrift shops or find other ways to keep things out of the trash.

Change your light source

Compact fluorescent light bulbs use about a third of the energy of regular incandescent light bulbs and last much longer. Opening windows and using natural daylight will cut down on energy use even further.

Buy local

In addition to supporting the local economy, buying products that were made nearby keeps them from

having to be shipped in, minimizing air pollution from the travel.

Pick up litter

It's as simple as moving a piece of garbage from the street into a trash can. Trash ends up in sewer grates, making its way to rivers or streams and can harm animals and pollute


Respect and learn about nature

Build a birdhouse, plant a tree or take a hike. Learn about nature and teach other people to care about the environment as well.

Car pool, walk or use alternative transportation

Commute alternatives, like buses or car pools, can save stress and the air. Turn off cars if they'll be idling for more than 30 seconds and park instead of going through a drive-through. A quarter of all car trips are a mile or less. Walking within a shopping center or riding a bicycle to a neighbor's house can reduce the impact on the environment.

Recycle everything

From electronics to aluminum cans, many things can be recycled and kept out of landfills. That saves space on the Earth as well as the energy that would be used to produce another. One aluminum can burns three hours of energy to produce.