Police arrest teens in BB gun shootings

GRAYSON - Police on Friday arrested four teens they believe are responsible for a rash of BB gun shootings after the boys reported to police they were being chased in the woods.

Jeremy Nelson Logsdon of Lawrenceville, Zachary Lambert Davidson of Snellville and James Ansley Brownlee of Loganville, all 17-year-olds, were arrested Friday and charged with the Grayson, Snellville and Loganville shootings, said Gwinnett County Police Department spokesman Cpl. Darren Moloney. A fourth teen, a 16-year-old from Loganville, was also arrested Friday but released to his parents, Moloney said. Police are not releasing the teen's name due to his age.

Moloney said police found the four when one of the teens called police to report they were being chased into the woods by someone driving an unknown vehicle. Police confirmed the teens' location and using the cell phone number from which one of them called police, talked with the boys and convinced them to surrender.

Moloney said calls reporting damage to vehicles and houses in the Grayson, Snellville and Loganville areas began early Wednesday.

"All of the damage involved objects being struck by some sort of projectile device consistent with a BB gun," Moloney said.

A second round of calls began about 2 a.m. Friday with reports someone was following a vehicle firing objects, Moloney said.

Police found a vehicle, later determined to be used by Logsdon, Davidson, Brownlee and the 16 year old, parked near the 1900 block of McConnell Road in Grayson.

"Responding officers observed several young white males exit the vehicle and flee into the woods," Moloney said. "Inside the offender's vehicle, in plain view, was a large semiautomatic pistol that was later determined to be a Daisy CO2 BB gun. Two pump action BB rifles with scopes were also recovered from the vehicle."

Moloney said each teen faces multiple felony charges, but as of press time Friday the exact charges had not been determined.

Beverly Folsom of Grayson said her Woodland Brook neighborhood was one of the areas that received some of the damage.

"Luckily none of our cars were damaged, but I know at least five of our neighbors cars were," Folsom said. "And I'm afraid some of the houses have been damaged because I was walking last night and noticed some windows had been knocked out. These are $350,000 houses. It's not like people aren't keeping up their homes."

Moloney said approximately 30 different incidences involving BB gun damage have been reported over the past three days. He said vehicles parked in residential areas received the bulk of the damage.

"So far we have approximately 30 police reports documenting 30 different incidences," Moloney said. "We honestly haven't yet tallied how much damage they have done."

Moloney said police are unsure of a motive for the incidents.