Letters to the Editor

Anti-gun measures aren't thesolution for Va. Tech shootings

It is indeed very sad that so many students were killed at Virginia Tech. It is also unfortunate that anti-gun advocates will use this tragedy to advance their crusade of eliminating the personal right to own firearms.

I would remind those individuals who detest guns and think that without guns the world would be much better that the elimination of all guns, incidentally not really achievable, would do nothing to change the minds of anyone intent on performing violence. There are many alternate ways to commit murder.

It is noteworthy that Virginia Tech, along with all universities, understandably forbids students, faculty and even, as I understand, their security force from carrying firearms. If an armed student, faculty member or a security force member had been present, the shooter would have certainly been stopped from committing mass murder. Evidently, the shooter felt very safe when he decided to murder the students.

Universities are actually a "target-rich" environment precisely because of their prohibition on firearms. Just remember, an unarmed community is really unable to defend itself. The police are good at solving crimes but are quite inefficient at preventing crime. Do you know of any cop who doesn't take their firearm with them when he/she goes home or is off duty? I don't know what the solution is, but a blind unthinking backlash against firearms is certainly not the answer.

Ernest Wade

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