Letters to the Editor

Gore should heed his own words

Former vice president, and self-proclaimed inventor of the Internet, Al Gore has taken time out from his busy schedule of overeating and lack of exercise to chime in on global warming. "Big Al," as he is affectionately referred to these days, has thrown his weight behind the controversial theory of global warming.

Some scientists think his claims overstate the facts a bit. Of course, that's nothing new for Al. While Al urges us to conserve energy to save the planet, he uses more electricity heating his mansions than we do lighting up downtown Lawrenceville at Christmas time. Gore also uses up fuel traveling to Hollywood to hobnob with his movie star friends and flying to Arab countries to pick up his apologetic speech money.

If Al is really serious about conserving energy, I would suggest that he walk to the doughnut shop and keep the refrigerator door shut. I think we have enough hot air being spewed by potential presidential candidates without Al commenting on stuff he knows nothing about.

- Deryl Duncan

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