Police seek hit-and-run driver

LAWRENCEVILLE - Gwinnett County police are still searching for a motorist who fled the scene of an accident that resulted in the death of a Lawrenceville man Saturday night.

Fransisco Pinedo-Ayala was crossing a street in Lawrenceville when he was struck by a vehicle traveling north on Club Drive, a preliminary investigation indicated. Pinedo-Ayala was pronounced dead at the scene.

Pinedo-Ayala was not in a designated crosswalk and has been listed at fault for the collision.

The motorist is listed as being at fault for fleeing the scene.

The vehicle was some sort of truck or SUV, but that was all the information police had as of Monday afternoon, Gwinnett County police spokesperson Cpl. Darren Moloney said. No car color or driver description is available.

Anyone with information about the accident, which occurred at 8:44 p.m. between Sweetwater Club Drive and Fairway Oaks Drive, is asked to call the Accident Investigation Unit Hotline at 770-513-5048.