Atlanta cooking show features Gwinnett chef

The radio dial isn't the first place you'd look for a cooking show. But two Atlanta men - including a Gwinnett chef - have found that broadcasting their culinary adventures is just the right recipe.

"Chef and the Fatman," which can be heard at 2 p.m. Saturday on Business Radio 1160, offers cooking tips and virtual visits to resorts across the country. Each week, the show is recorded live on location and in front of an audience.

"You hear everything on the air as we do it, from the cutting of the onions to the opening of the refrigerator door," said Fred Genovese of Lawrenceville. He is the show's chef.

Kevin Jenkins, who created the show, is "The Fatman." The two radio hosts have to help listeners use their imaginations to "see" the show.

"You have to be more descriptive on radio. I've got to explain everything twice as much as a person on television," Genovese said.

While growing up, Jenkins loved listening to mystery programs on the radio. He based "Chef and the Fatman" on those old-time broadcasts.

The show's name, and its realistic depiction of life in the kitchen, was based on "Two Fat Ladies," a British cooking program.

"They gave me the inspiration," Jenkins said. "I created the title and everything out of respect to them."

"Chef and the Fatman," which debuted in 2002, is intended to entertain and educate listeners. "You will learn more from this show than you will from any other cooking show," Jenkins said.

Guests on "Chef and the

Fatman" have included Emeril Lagasse, Alton Brown and Sara Moulton.

Over the years, the culinary broadcast has attracted a growing fan base. "Crowds just keep getting bigger. The audiences are beautiful," Jenkins said.

People have gathered to see "Chef and the Fatman" shows recorded everywhere from Macy's at Perimeter Mall in Atlanta to Horseshoe Bay Resort in Texas.

Both Genovese and Jenkins name New Orleans as one of their favorite locations. "New Orleans has been absolutely phenomenal to us," Jenkins said.

"Chef and the Fatman" travels to New Orleans for an annual Mardi Gras show and will return to the Louisiana city in July for the a broadcast from the Tales of the Cocktail festival. "It is the ultimate mixology and culinary event in the world," Jenkins said.

The show has a number of listeners in New Orleans. "We are more famous in New Orleans than we are in Atlanta," Jenkins said. "We can walk into almost any restaurant in New Orleans and the owners will come out and know us."

Still, no matter where the show hosts are, they remain loyal to their home state. "We really like to promote everything in Georgia," Jenkins said.

If you go

•What: "Chef and the Fatman" cooking show

•When: 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday

•Where: Business Radio 1160 AM

•Info: Visit www.chefandthefatman.com.