Illegal immigrants accused in prostitution ring

NORCROSS - Gwinnett County police have busted an alleged prostitution house off Beaver Ruin Road that employed illegal immigrants.

Five illegal immigrants were arrested including Marcela Bravo-Rojas, 37, of Buford, who was the alleged madame of the operation at 10305 Dunleaf Arc Way in Norcross.

Bravo-Rojas was accused of keeping a house of prostitution, providing "the listed address for the use of prostitution and controlled the money being exchanged for said act," according to the arrest warrant.

The alleged madame - also charged with pimping and operating a business without license - offered several different women, one being a juvenile, to an undercover officer for sexual intercourse in exchange for money, the warrant said.

Others arrested and charged with prostitution include Yasmin Granados, 22, of Norcross; Vannesa Alvarado, 23, of Duluth; Emma Morales, 23, of Duluth; and Samantha Martinez, 20, of Norcross.

According to the warrants, the women resided at different addresses except for Martinez, whose address was the house at Dunleaf Arc Way.

Martinez "admitted to accepting money in exchange for sexual intercourse and was present with a male in the house of prostitution," the warrant said.

Ricardo Castro-Flores, 23, of Norcross was swept up in the sting and charged with pandering for "exchanging money with a prostitute for exchange of sexual intercourse," the arrest warrant said.

Castro-Flores and all those arrested in the house were illegal aliens.

Further details were not available from the Gwinnett County Police Department.