UFC fighter headlines fight

Mixed Martial Arts fans are in for a treat tonight at Wild Bill's.

Current Ultimate Fighting Championship competitor Rory Singer will headline Wild Bill's Fight Night 8 when he battles Matt Masterson at the Duluth facility.

Singer earned famed on the popular Spike TV show The Ultimate Fighter 3 and the Athens native is 2-1 in the UFC, losing his most recent fight in December.

"I'd say it's one of the biggest fights Wild Bill's has hosted," said co-promoter David Oblas of Undisputed Productions. "We've had guys that were in the UFC fight here before, but this is the first time we've had a UFC fighter under contract fight. So it's a pretty huge deal."

This is the fifth Fight Night at Wild Bill's that has featured a UFC fighter.

Marcus Davis and Kevin Jordan have each fought twice at Wild Bill's.

Singer is 11-6 in MMA fights and the co-owner of The Hard Core Gym in Athens. He is one of two fighters from the gym fighting tonight. George Kassaev, who also fights out of The Hard Core Gym, will fight Harris Norwood in the 155-pound division.

Singer hopes to use this fight to put him back on track in the UFC, so Masterson is no chump. The Ohio native is 7-1 and should be a good challenge for Singer.

"He's a pretty tough guy, I've watched tape on him," Oblas said. "Rory didn't want to fight a bum and he's supposed to be a pretty tough fighter."

Other pro MMA fights include Tom Nguyen against Todd Carney at 185 pounds and Sam Holloway vs. Josh Whitt in the heavyweight division.

The second round of the 170-pound tournament will also be taking place tonight. Tim Stout will fight Chris Conolley and Dave Hulett will take on Joey Whitt. The winners will face each other later in the night in the finals. The winner of tonight's fight will take on Jake Short, who won the first round of the 170-pound tournament, on June 8 for the title.

Eduardo Farias will take on Shaun Burns in a amateur MMA heavyweight fight and Gareth Joseph will fight Matthew Hanies at 185 pounds.

Four amateur Muay Thai fights will take place as well. Travis Powers vs. Roger Streeter at 185 pounds, Adam Duke vs. Paul Teran at 150 pounds, Adam Malone vs. Eric Hagaard at 185 pounds and Lis Braverman vs. Cynthia Bomar at 135.

"This is one of the biggest fighting events not only at Wild Bill's but in Atlanta," Oblas said.