Letters to the Editor

Troops need support, not anti-war protests

Last month, your newspaper covered "anti-war," anti-America protesters carrying "support our troops" signs and denouncing our mission signs. This action serves to boil the blood of our soldiers. These protesters are using the service of our soldiers to somehow cover for their actions and attempting to legitimize their position. Lets just see how they support our troops:

Support our troops: A prove-it test

1. Have you served honorably in the armed forces or do you have a member of your immediate family currently serving?

2. Have you supported by funds or volunteerism the U.S.O. or Freedom Foundation?

3. Have you attended a military sendoff or welcome home ceremony to show your support?

4. Have you attended a recent military funeral and offered or provided assistance and respect to the family?

5. Have you offered and provided assistance to a military family support center?

6. Have you stepped up to assist a neighbor who has a spouse or family member deployed?

7. Do you attend Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies to show your support?

8. Are the colors flying on your house and do you have a flag or support our troops decal on your vehicle?

9. Have you adopted a deployed unit?

10. Do you realize that there is little difference between support for troops/mission/commander?

11. Would you give your life to defend this country?

12. Have you made any sacrifice to help the troops be victorious other than taxes?

If you answered three or more "yes," carry on. Less than that - please, your help is needed - do not use the great service of our soldiers for your anti-America agenda. Our soldiers need and appreciate real support of all Americans. They depend on you just as you depend on them.

- James M. Foote


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