Duluth shop stocks practical jokes

If you're looking for an April Fools' resource, check out Eddie's Trick Shop in Duluth. The store stocks every joke product you can imagine and some you probably haven't even thought of yet.

The stink bombs and fart jokes are both classic items. Other practical jokes include fake insects, black soap, blue gum, joy buzzers, itching powder and no-tear toilet paper.

And yes, people are still pulling April Fools' jokes, said Alex Misas, a salesman at Eddie's. "It all depends on the person," he said. "There's always a prankster in a group of friends."

His favorite gag is the fake lottery ticket, which looks real. "When you scratch it off, it says you won $25,000," Misas said.

It's enough to make people really happy - until they try to redeem the ticket and find out it's a fake.

"It's cruel, but funny," Misas said.

At Eddie's, all of the products that produce a shock, from cell phones to lighters, are well-liked by customers. In particular, Misas recommends the shocking pen. It really writes, but when someone borrows it and try to click the top of it, they get shocked.

No matter how shocking, silly, odd or tacky an item is, eventually, someone buys it from Eddie's. "Everybody has different tastes," Misas said.

Eddie's Trick Shop is located at 3675 Satellite Blvd. in Duluth. Call 770-814-9700 or visit www.eddiestrickshop.com.

- Staff writer

Rachael Mason