Security rumor locks down Mill Creek High School

HOSCHTON - Mill Creek High School was locked down at 9:20 a.m. Thursday because administrators wanted to check the school's security after hearing rumors that came "on the heels of the incident in Colorado," said Sloan Roach, the Gwinnett County Public Schools spokeswoman.

The school was in a hard lockdown for about 40 minutes, but nothing was found to be threatening the security of the school, Roach said. In a hard lock down, the perimeter of the school is secured, and students must remain in a classroom.

Frank N. Osborne Middle School went into a soft lock down because of its proximity to the high school, Roach said. In a soft lockdown, the perimeter of the school is secured, but students can move throughout the building. Also, students in trailers are brought into the school.

Roach said she had not been told what the rumor was that prompted the lockdown.

"Anytime something (such as a rumor) is floating around the school," school police and administrators check it out, Roach said.

The Colorado incident to which she referred happened Wednesday, when a 53-year-old man held six girls hostage in a high school classroom. The man, identified as Duane R. Morrison, killed a 16-year-old girl before killing himself.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.