General Mills releases colorful take on Cheerios cereal

Fruity Cheerios

General Mills has released a colorful, fruit-flavored take on its popular Cheerios cereal. It's the 11th variation on the oat-based breakfast cereal.

The whole-grain cereal is flavored with fruit juice and doesn't contain any artificial ingredients. It's touted as having 25 percent less sugar than the leading fruity cereal - each 3⁄4 cup serving has 100 calories and 9 grams of sugar.

We enjoyed the Fruity Cheerios, which taste more like Trix than the cereal's obvious counterpart, Froot Loops. The cereal bits were smaller and more muted in color than some of the other neon-hued fruity cereal out there, and the subtle fruit flavor made for a great, lightly sweetened breakfast or snack.

One of the new mothers in the office especially liked the cereal because it's not sweetened with honey, which doctors recommend babies not eat.

The suggested retail price is $3.29 for an 11.5 ounce box.

Betty Crocker Seasoned Skillets

Our favorite cake-maker has released a new line of brown-and-serve skillet potato side dishes. Available in Traditional Recipe, Roasted Garlic & Herb and Hash Brown, these convenient boxed dishes produce crispy potatoes in minutes.

The potatoes aren't hard to make. You add water to the dehydrated potatoes, mix in the provided seasonings and heat in a skillet till browned. The hash browns we tested burned quickly, so watch the skillet carefully the first time you prepare these.

But the Betty Crocker potatoes are much easier to make than from-scratch hash browns, and they taste pretty darned good. All three varieties work well on their own, but they can also be cooked up and added into other recipes, such as breakfast casseroles.

The suggested retail price is $1.89 per box.

- Compiled by staff writer Shelley Mann