Police: Bomb scare was elaborate hoax

WINDER - Bomb squad officials determined that a metal case thrown at a gas pump Thursday night was not a bomb, but the case has been destroyed.

Lt. Lamar Reynolds of the Winder Police Department said Friday that the University of Georgia Police Bomb Squad examined the case thoroughly and found no explosives.

Preliminary X-rays of the case were inconclusive, but the squad moved the case away from the gas station via a robot and detonated it with their own explosives, Reynolds said.

Police said Thursday night that a white man pulled into the Exxon Station/Golden Pantry on North Broad Street about 9:20 p.m. and threw the case at the gas pump.

The suspect, believed to be carrying a passenger in a black car, fled at a high rate of speed.

No further details had been reported as of Friday, but police are working a few leads.

Police are referring to the incident as an elaborate hoax.

"It had the appearance of being an explosive device," Reynolds said. "The device was probably put together more elaborately than what a normal person would put together as a prank."

Reynolds said the suspect or suspects could face charges of terroristic threats and acts or "displaying a hoax device," both of which are felonies.

"We could go either way with that," Reynolds said. "We'll just have to cross that bridge when we get there."