Man sentenced in animal neglect case

LAWRENCEVILLE - A Dacula man accused of neglecting dogs and running a puppy mill has been sentenced to five years probation.

Tyrone "Ty" Morsello pleaded guilty Sept. 1 to multiple violations of Gwinnett's animal neglect ordinance. Morsello was ordered to surrender 67 Yorkshire terriers, pomeranians, chihuahuas and springer spaniels he had been keeping at his property at 2411 Harbins Road in Dacula, said Gwinnett County Animal Control Officer Joey Brooks.

Recorders Court Judge Patty Muse also ordered Morsello to give up his kennel license from the state Department of Agriculture. During the five years' probation, Morsello must not have any contact with animals and he must reimburse Gwinnett County Animal Control for veterinary bills from treating the dogs, Brooks said.

The dogs reportedly had dirty drinking water, were not being properly fed and lived in filthy conditions. Several suffered illnesses related to neglect, police said.

"It's unreal how much this stuff is going on," Brooks said, speaking of animal neglect. "People just don't care. I don't know what the problem is."

Several of the dogs required emergency veterinary care, but all are now being cared for by rescue organizations or foster homes.